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Should You Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

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Even if getting the citation is unavoidable, remaining polite to the officer is in your best interest.

In most cases fighting a traffic ticket or citation is not in your best interest. However, there are situations when fighting a ticket may be wise. Keep in mind that paying a traffic citation is the same as pleading guilty, so you may want to fight the ticket if paying the fine may result in the suspension of your license or greatly increase your insurance rates.

You may also want to fight your traffic citation if you get a ticket for driving under the influence.

When fighting a traffic ticket or citation you may either get an attorney to represent you or you may represent yourself. In either case, you may want to talk to an attorney and get advice on what you need to do to fight the ticket.( and you can find more at njmcdirect for New Jersey )

Whether or not you simply pay your traffic ticket or citation or decide to fight the ticket, you need to keep in mind that traffic laws are designed to keep you and others safe on the roads. Traffic citations are not designed just to punish you for breaking a traffic law, but to serve as a reminder of your need to drive safely to protect you, your family and other motorists.

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